Jackson students reach 10M physical activity minutes using GoNoodle

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A fun activity is keeping students active in Jackson classrooms.

GoNoodle is impacting about 64,000 students in the Jackson area.

WJTV was able to see students in action at Brown Elementary Thursday as students in the Metro reached the milestone of 10 million physical activity minutes for this school year.

GO NOODLE 2GoNoodle allows the students to run, dance, stretch, and other activities that moves them towards better health.

“We work for a while and then we take something we called ‘brain breaks,'” said Brown 2nd grade teacher Patricia Smith. “Sometimes the brain breaks are from one minute to 20 minutes. It all depends on how lessons flow sometimes, but this activity is fun, it’s integrated with technology. It’s with the core subjects that we need with common core standards with Jackson Public Schools.”

Smith said GoNoodle is good for students who can’t just learn by writing on a piece of paper. She said her class has been using GoNoodle for three years.


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