Woman speaks out about robbery and kidnapping

JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – A Jackson woman abducted for hours by two men is asking for more police presence in the city. She says the only thing that saved her life is a picture of her daughter on her cellphone.

Robbed, kidnapped, and sexually assaulted are what one Jackson mother says happened to her last Wednesday.

She says two men approached her at a North Jackson apartment complex on Beasley Road, put a gun to her head, and demanded two thousand dollars.

They then forced her into the backseat of her car.

“They took me to a total of seven banks,” said the victim.

They wanted her to withdraw cash. One of those banks is the Mississippi Federal Credit Union on the Medical Center campus.

“So at each stop, I had 15 seconds to use about four debit cards, and they counted. They told me don’t shake. At that last bank, when I was short on the cash, they told me they were going to kill me,” said the victim.

In that moment, this mother thought she would never see her daughter again.

“That I was going to die. I prayed the entire time. I’m a strong believer in God, and I just asked him to just raise her up to be strong little girl,” said the victim.

We wanted to know why she believes she was targeted. She says she’s a creature of habit. Now, she’s warning others to pay close attention to their surroundings.

“He told me very vaguely. He said I’ve been watching you for a while. So my routine was pretty much the same just about every day,” said the victim.

She tells us she was later dropped off after one of the men got a glimpse of her child on her phone.

She’s now using her story to find strength to keep going every day.

“It’s a tragic incident, what happened, but you can’t let them see that they’ve defeated you. God has to be preparing me for something, and just making sure that I’m strong enough to be able to handle it,” said the victim.

The victim tells us she’s since purchased a gun for self-defense, but her routine has not changed. We’re told the Jackson Police Department has leads and suspect information, but have not made any arrests.

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