Local Agencies Team Up, to Keep Crime Down

JACKSON, Miss. – Taking the city back, is the theme for an operation that combines the forces of Jackson police officers and Hinds County deputies.

Thursday night WJTV was along for the ride and found out it’s the unexpected–that officers and deputies point to as the reason for success.

“Element of surprise is our friend,” Hinds County Detective, John Garcia explained. “If they don’t know where we’re going to be, they won’t try to leave.”

Nearly every day of the week, rain or shine, Jackson police and Hinds County deputies come together for an all out attack against crime in the capital city.

“We have reactive policing, and proactive policing, this Side by Side is definitely proactive approach Jackson is needing right now.”

Side by Side aims to take back the city of Jackson, and for weeks now the combined forces have been picking different spots in the city.

Right now the operation depends mainly on road blocks and traffic stops.

“Prevalent crime, you know you can’t ever get rid of it, you just push it to different areas,” Garcia said. “The good thing about Side by Side is we’re going to every area. Anywhere there is a flare up we’re there.”

By teaming up Hinds County deputies and Jackson police are able to bring a combination of resources to any given location at any time maximizing their ability to enforce the law.

“We have every aspect of law enforcement covered on any stop,” Garcia stated. “You get out with a car you smell marijuana well get not only a DUI unit, get you a narcotics unit out there. You find a gun we have an ATF task force member, we can get them to run a gun.”

Our cameras were rolling as several arrests were made and dozens of tickets issued.

Offenses ranging from child car seat and seat belt violations to drug and gun possession.

We are told crime numbers have fallen and this means the program will continue indefinitely.

“All these guys with all their specialties coming together for a common goal,” Garcia said.

Operation Side by Side will continue Friday evening.

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