Passengers share concerns over Jatran

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some people in Jackson who rely on the city’s buses to get them to work and beyond are frustrated. They say they are dealing with a lack of buses, damaged buses, and Jatran buses with no working air conditioning. The company recently came  under new ownership, and passengers say it’s gone downhill ever since.

Before, Jatran was getting along. Though we had a couple buses break down, but every day it’s a bus that breaks down. You have to stand down here in the heat for two or three hours, said Tammie Sparks, Jatran passenger.

A frustrated Tammie Sparks tells us she uses Jatran as her primary source of transportation. She says the buses are even affecting her health, and she’d like to see them be in better condition.

They break down left to right, half the time four Robinson don’t run, two capitol street don’t run, nine don’t run, okay, five don’t run. We have doctor’s appointments, this is what I depend on, and this is my livelihood, said Sparks.

Natalie Primer has had her share of problems with Jatran.

It’s horrible.

She’s been a passenger for three years.

Every day for the last about six months, the buses have been breaking down all the time, particularly the one in the seven and it seems like it takes them hours to get a replacement bus out, said Natalie Primer, Jatran passenger.

National Express took over Jatran in October of 2015. Passengers say since the new ownership went into effect, they’ve had poor service.

According to the local 1208 union president, multiple grievances have been filed with the city of Jackson.

Right now, they are waiting for something to be done.

It’s crippling them, it’s causing them not to be able to have a quality of life. It is the heart, the driving-force of the middle class here, the working class, and they’re suffering, said Alphonso Burns, local 1208 ATU union president:

We reached out to Jatran about these issues. We’re still waiting for them to call us back.

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