Rebel ace Brady Bramlett to give up baseball, continue to pursue education

WJTV – As one of six Rebel baseball players to be selected in the 2016 MLB Draft, Brady Bramlett has until July 15 to sign his major league contract.

But the Rebel ace announced on Twitter Saturday that he has decided to not only deny that offer from the Boston Red Sox, but give up baseball entirely.

Boston selected Bramlett with the 388th overall pick in the 13th round. He told the Clarion-Ledger that when he got to Boston earlier this week, he just felt he wasn’t ready to continue pursuing baseball and had more to do outside of the sport.

The redshirt junior still has a season of eligibility left at Ole Miss but will continue on as the vice-chair of the Division I National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He also mentioned to the Clarion-Ledger that he wants to become an athletic director and eventually, commissioner of the SEC. Bramlett is finishing a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications.

In 2016, he led the Rebels in starts (16) and strikeouts (96). Bramlett finished the year with an ERA of 3.17 in 82.1 innings.

Meanwhile, J.B. Woodman (Toronto Blue Jays), Errol Robinson (Los Angeles Dodgers), Henri Lartigue (Philadelphia Phillies), and Chad Smith (Miami Marlins) are other Ole Miss draftees who have opted to sign with their major league clubs. The only other Rebel draft pick that remains with a decision is pitcher Wyatt Short, who the Chicago Cubs took with the 404th overall pick in the 13th round.

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