Respect Our Black Dollars protests drug paraphernalia in convenience stores


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Respect our Black Dollars movement is targeting a convenience store on Highway 18, claiming drug paraphernalia is sold there

Protestors lined the highway today wanting the items taken out of the Save Food Mart, a Chevron gas station.”

The Jackson City Council passed an ordinance banning stores from selling drug paraphernalia.

Organizer Stanley Wesley says many stores are still doing it around the metro.

They’re working to get those items taken out and if not, they’ll protest.

“Anything you see is not against the law, you want it taken out the store, and I’d be more than happy to take it out. We all as a community I’m here to make money, so if you not respecting my business I’m not going to make money. I have to show the same respect to you. But when you come in my store like that like I’m not part of your community, this is part is your community, this is my community too,” said the unidentified store owner.

“We talked to them years ago and asked them to remove it but, however, they didn’t remove it. So this is when we come and demand we remove it with force,” said Wesley.

The store owner says he’s happy to take the items down but wants more respect from protestors coming into his store.

Police did show up to the scene and the paraphernalia was later removed.

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