4 men convicted of robbing 66-year-old man in Canton

CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) — Four men are convicted of robbing a 66-year-old man in Canton.

According to District Attorney Michael Guest, Ralph Lloyd, Jammon Lewis, Collier Reed, and Willie Louis have been sentenced.

In October 2015, a man was cutting grass when four men wearing Halloween masks masks approached him and demanded money. One of the men held a gun to the victim’s head during the robbery. The men stole $500 in cash and a $50 money order.

The victim noticed the voice of the gunman as someone who had recently worked for him that he fired. The former employee called the victim by name and said, “Arthur, we are going to rob you.”

“These were thugs who decided it would be easier to rob the victim than to go out and do a hard day’s work and earn an honest day’s wage,” DA Guest said. “These criminals displayed a lack of loyalty and respect that law abiding people would show when they are provided a job they need. That being said, they will now all go to jail for years to come”


Below are the charges for each person convicted and their sentences:

  • Ralph Lloyd – Armed Robbery: 45 years with 35 years to serve and the last 10 years suspended and 5 years supervised probation. Conspiracy: 5 years to serve.  Concurrent. Willie Louis testified against Lloyd, who was convicted by a jury following a two day trial.
  • Jammon Lewis – Robbery of a victim over 65 years of age: 30 years to serve. Conspiracy: 5 years to serve which yields 35 years to serve. Lewis pled guilty minutes before he was to go on trial.
  • Collier Reed – Robbery: 15 years to serve. Conspiracy: 5 years to serve. Consecutive with each other (total of 20 years to serve). Collier pled guilty to the crime the day of his trial.
  • Willie Louis – Robbery: 15 years to serve. Louis again agreed to cooperate with the State and testify truthfully against any and all co-defendants, in exchange for a guilty plea.


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