Simpson County residents worry about inmates’ numerous escapes

SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Simpson County officials are searching for three inmates that escaped the local jail sometime early Wednesday morning.

Those escaped inmates are 26-year-old Russell Williams, 26-year-old Shawn Bratcher, and 43-year-old Johnny Lee Taylor.

Two of the three men have escaped the jail before and people in the county say it’s concerning.

These men are no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Johnny Taylor and Shawn Dustin Bratcher were in the maximum security pod because they’ve been known to escape.

The Simpson County Sheriff calls Taylor a longtime resident of the local jail, one that’s escaped at least three times.

“Because of the escape record of two of them they were placed in maximum security and we have a real good system and they just apparently had planned it out and took advantage of the time,” said Sheriff Donald O’Cain of the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department.

He says the three inmates got out by throwing a ball at the skylight and climbing out through the roof.

Locals call Bratcher a career criminal and he too has escaped before.

Chris Shotts says this has become unsettling for people in the community.

“My mom lives kind of a couple blocks I mean I kind of grew up in this are the cemetery back here I know a lot of these people back here so a little bit. It’s supposed to be an escape-proof jail,” said Shotts

Shotts says he remembers the last time Bratcher escaped.

“Last time, they got Dustin. His mama lives right down there on Athens Road down there and that’s and I don’t know if that’s where he was trying to get or not,” said Shotts. “I mean this is a brand new jail that we tax payers paid for not too long ago.”

Sheriff O’Cain says this is an issue that they are working to fix.

“Anytime we run across a problem or something that needs attention, we are fixing it. We are looking now at adding more razor wire,” said Sheriff O’Cain.

Sheriff O’Cain says if you see these inmates, do not approach them because they could be dangerous. He says to immediately contact law enforcement.


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