Jackson City Leaders calling Airport Takeover “A Bold Move” by State


JACKSON, Miss. – The city of Jackson’s legal team is moving forward in response to the state’s airport takeover in Senate Bill 2162.

During a special meeting Thursday, city officials said the state is making “a bold move” with the airport takeover, and that they’re refusing to let it happen.

City leaders tell us they are preserving the rights and interests of Jacksonians.

The city is working along with the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority to become parties in the airport litigation.

Jackson’s legal team didn’t go into much detail in the meeting, but said they are going after the state for infringing on the rights of the people.

CIty leaders say, their only concern is about Jackson and not the airport’s surrounding areas.

“I mean if you look at embassies in other countries they would take that position as well,” Jackson Mayor, Tony Yarber said. “It’s sovereign property it’s the city of Jackson’s whether it’s in Rankin county or Hinds county.”

The law goes into effect July 1, 2016, but that’s pending a Federal Aviation Administration certificate for operation

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