Man gets naked, blocks traffic

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) —  A man strips, blocks traffic, and then shots are fired.

The bizarre situation happened on Chadwick Drive Thursday morning.

We’re told that a man was driving another man he just met to Hattiesburg. All of a sudden, the passenger began acting erratic. The driver told WJTV that it seemed like the man was having a seizure. The driver said the man started attacking him.

“He just went violent and I just tried to get away from him,” he said. “I didn’t want to shoot him. It’s very scary. I just got out of the hospital three days ago.”

The drive said he flagged down someone else for help. Terry Spann said when he saw what was happening, he fired a warning shot. He said the man then charged at him.

“A warning shot,” Spann said. “I didn’t aim at him. I shot toward him. I would’ve hit him if I was trying to. I knew he wasn’t mentally stable because he started getting naked. I didn’t want that on my conscience.”

The man who undressed himself was taken to the hospital.

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