Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance Weigh in on Supreme Court Decision


JACKSON, Miss. – A deadlock decision by the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ended President Obama’s effort to reform immigration law by executive action.

The court was divided in a 4 to 4 vote.

President Obama’s executive action would have shielded up to 4 million illegal immigrants from deportation, and parents with children who are here legally.

His opponents argued the president ran roughshod over congress, and had no constitutional authority to act on his own and the lower courts agreed.

Here in Mississippi, the state’s Immigrants Rights Alliance wasn’t too happy about the supreme court’s decision.

“What’s going to happen to families, and we’ve already had a number of families over the years that have been split up like that,” MIRA Director, Bill Chandler said. “Often times the children are left homes and coming home from schools, finding no parents around.”

President Obama says the deadlock is frustrating for immigrants who want to work and contribute the economy.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called the deadlock, a major victory in the fight to restore the separation of powers.

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