Local church’s A/C unit stolen overnight

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi summer heat can be brutal.

What can make it worse is if someone steals an air conditioning unit.

That happened to a Jackson church overnight.

“Yeah, I was surprised. I didn’t expect our unit to be stolen.”

Father Kevin Slattery says someone stole the air conditioning unit from a building at Christ the King Catholic Church.

The thief took it from the rectory building, where he sleeps.

“This morning when I woke up it was a little warm, 76, 77. I was like I need to call the man to come and have him take a look. It probably needs another shot of freeze or something,” said Father Slattery.

But to Father Kevin’s surprise, he noticed the A/C unit was gone as he was leaving Wednesday morning.

“The unit’s on the same side as the garage. So when I pulled out, you see it right there. I was like ‘Oh, that’s why it’s hot in the house.’ So I called and said we need to get a new unit,” said Father Slattery.

Father Kevin says he didn’t hear the burglars during the night.

The rectory is located at the corner of Junior Lynch and Hattiesburg Street, a high traffic area.

“It’s kind of a busy area. But, it’s also a place to just pull up, cut the cords, put it on the back of a truck whatever and just go,” said Father Slattery.

Jackson Police says they’ve received a number of calls for stolen A/C units.

There have been 13 reports for the month of June.

The burglary is a first for Christ the King.

“I haven’t heard of anyone else having their units stolen. But it’s not unusual,” said Father Slattery.

The church is working to replace the unit.

And they say they will secure it, once they get a new one.

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