New 1 Percent Sales Tax Projects to begin after city approval

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Crews will soon begin two new infrastructure improvement projects.

The projects, which are a part of the 1 Percent Sales Tax Program, will get underway after city leaders approve design contracts, totaling $300,000 for the repairs.

The contracts were for the Hanging Moss Road Waterlines Improvements Project and the Woodrow Wilson Avenue to Erie Street Drainage Improvements Project.

Below is a breakdown of each project:

  • Hanging Moss Road Waterline Improvements – The proposed project would remove and replace the existing 2”/4” waterline installed in the 1960s with an 8” waterline to improve water capacity and minimize breaks and disruptions in the distribution system.  Infinity Engineering Consultants, LLC will design the improvements andis responsible for construction plan.
  • Woodrow Wilson Avenue to Erie Street Drainage Improvements – The proposed project involves a portion of the drainage canal known as Town Creek Tributary #4 in west Jackson, between Woodrow Wilson and Erie Street.   Erosion is currently a problem in the area.  Stuart Consulting Group will design changes to the canal either widening or deepening the channel to maintain the existing capacity and enhance erosion


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