Police: Richland shooting connected to Florida homicide investigation

Alfred Lindbergh Moore Tankersley

RICHLAND, Miss. (WJTV) — Richland Police have identified the man they say is behind a shooting that happened Tuesday night.

Police said 50-year-old Alfred Lindbergh Moore Tankersley turned the gun on himself after he shot a man at Southeastern Freight Lines.

The victim, who is from out of town, drove himself to the police department. He is still receiving medical treatment for his injuries and is expected to recover.

Police said the gunman died after he shot himself.

We’re also told that the suspect shot someone in Florida before he came to Mississippi.

Chief Russel James said Tankersley was fired from his job in Florida about two years ago and they believe that he was a disgruntled employee.

In the Florida shooting, 50-year-old Marty Coffey was shot and killed while driving a car outside of Old Dominion Freight Lane in Jacksonville on Monday, according to CBS 47. Police said it seems that the suspect drove to Mississippi after that shooting.

He said it’s possible that they might have worked together somewhere in the past. They are still trying to determine exactly how the shooter knew the victims.


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