Wild hogs are causing problems in Old Byram

BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – Some people in Byram are complaining about wild hogs destroying their yards.

And they are also looking for answers on how to get rid of them.

One man says he has killed nearly 10 hogs in the past four years.

Down in Old Byram, Tim Everett can tell you horses and dogs are not the only animals folks need to watch out for.

“We killed eight of them in the last four years and then they quit coming,” said Everett.

Pork is also on the list.

“Then this year it’s the worse that I’ve seen,” said Everett.

Everett says he and other neighbors are having trouble with wild hogs in the area.

“Because if you look at the ground through here ruffled and they digging and at home they are digging up grass and just destroying your yard, ” said Everett.

He has done everything to stop the pigs, including putting out traps and cameras.

“When you’re talking about reduction of population numbers, definitely, trapping is the best way to do it.”

Hog expert, Anthony Ballard with Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries, says Everett is on the right track.

He says if anyone wants to kill wild boars, be careful for diseases.

He also advises people to use caution because any wild animal can become aggressive.

For Everett, he can only hope the boars will stop pigging out around his house.

Ballard says if you give wildlife and fisheries a call, he will personally come out to your home and give advice on how to trap hogs.

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