Neighbors voicing concerns over potholes

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Tax payers are frustrated after they say they’ve been dealing with a huge hole on their street for years. Some say, it’s a safety concern for not only the drivers, but children who play outside in this neighborhood.

“I feel cheated because we have the highest tag prices and taxes in Jackson, and we still got these bad roads,” explained Michael Carter, a frustrated neighbor.

Michael Carter and his family have been living on Gladewood road for ten years now. He says, back then, he didn’t have this problem. It’s an eye sore that is seen at the intersection of Ferncliff and Gladewood Drive.
“I also want them to come back and fix the roads the way it was when i moved here which was smooth and that’s all I want with my taxes that I pay I should be able to get that no problem, ” said Carter.

Barricades are in place a few yards away from the hole, but the ones surrounding it have fallen inside the pit themselves.

Carter has two small children that play on this street. He fears that if this isn’t fixed, they could get hurt

“My neighbors next door have kids. I have neighbors down the road that have kids, and they all pretty much play together. you got to be careful and watch your kids while they’re down there playing by that hole because we don’t want anybody to fall down there and drown, ” Carter said.

People who live in this area tell WJTV that this has been a problem for two years now. After showers like Tuesday’s, Carter says it makes this area even more dangerous.

“Without those barricades up there, you could potentially drive into that hole, and with cars coming by, it’s hard. We called the city, they’ll come out, look at it, that’s the best they’ll do. They hadn’t told us when they plan on fixing it, ” Carter said.

WJTV also contacted the city with information. We are still waiting to hear back.

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