Changes coming to the Warren County Jail

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. – The latest case of a Warren County inmate’s escape prompted criminal and administrative investigations into the department. Now, the sheriff is changing procedures so this won’t happen again.

“So what we’ve done is we’ve gone back and looked at each separate portion of this jail to determine what areas may be used to house what type of inmate as far as the overall risk factors for that particular inmate”, said Martin Pace, Warren County Sheriff.

This is because on March 2nd, Rafael McCloud escaped from the Warren County jail leading multiple agencies on an eight day manhunt before he was gunned down by a homeowner, after holding a family hostage. When Warren County residents found out what happened, they were in disbelief.

“Like, wow, how could they do it, so, it really shocked me”, said Sebastian Davis, Warren County native.

Four months later, and after a criminal and administrative investigation, new policies and safety measures are in place to prevent an escape from happening again. While the criminal investigation showed no signs of inside or outside help, the administrative investigation showed areas where things could have been done differently.

“Yes, there was human error that day, and that did lead to one employee being received of duty, but it gave us the opportunity to look beyond the Rafael McCloud incident at the overall security protocol for this building”, said Pace.

Additional training for correctional officers will be one new aspect; most will be done in house. Pace believes this gives way to a safer and more efficient facility.

“I have deputy sheriffs on staff that are instructors at one of the state law enforcement academy’s. They are going to bring some of that training that’s most often taught at the academy in house to be taught here to upgrade the training for every correctional officer in this facility”, said Pace.

Though Sheriff Pace could not go into detail about what the new security measures are, he did say that they are already in place.

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