Carlos Brown Dies in Police Custody, Authorities Finally Release Details

Carlos Brown

CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) –  Carlos Brown died Saturday, July 2 in Canton Police custody.

Canton Police remained tight lip about this investigation until Thursday.

We’re told Carlos is accused of taking a police car from a nightclub on Hickory Street in Canton; he then drove to the Best Western Hotel on I-55. That’s when police caught up with him, arrested him and Carlos died on the scene.

“They said he passed away but didn’t say how it happened or nothing like that,” says Preshery Brown, Carlos’s mother. “Then when I went to the chief and questioned him Tuesday because he wouldn’t talk to us over the weekend. I went to him Tuesday, and he told me that they sprayed him with some mace.

While that’s what Brown claims police told her, in Thursday’s news conference with Canton Mayor Arnel Bolden, he refused to say whether Brown was maced.

“Our officers acted properly in the performance of their duties that they didn’t use any excessive force in arresting the suspect,” says Bolden.

Even after we asked them about a suspect dying in custody Saturday, police are just now informing the public about Brown’s death.

WJTV’ s Malary Pullen asked Mayor Bolden when he was contacted about Carlos’s death. The mayor said around 2:30-3:00 Saturday morning. He typically gets those calls from the police chief.

However when Pullen contacted Police Chief Otha Brown Saturday at 2:09 p.m. Brown told her he wasn’t aware of that type of situation but would call back with information. No call was returned.

Preshery says the last time she saw Carlos was Friday. She claims she’s not been called to identify her son. While Carlos’s cause of death is unknown at this time, his case is now in the hands of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

We asked if the officers who arrested Carlos are on administrative leave, Mayor Bolden would not confirm stating it’s a “personnel matter.”

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest offered this statement today when asked about Carlos Brown death: “My office was advised today that Canton Police Department had requested that MBI conduct an independent investigation into the death of Carlos Brown. After the investigation has been completed the case will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office and the findings of the investigation presented to the Madison County grand jury.”

A district attorney is typically one of the first people notified when a suspect dies in police custody.


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