Local law enforcement offficers talk about what to do during a traffic stop



RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Officer-involved shootings have people across the nation asking, what to do if you’re stopped by an officer, and what are your rights?

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department and the ACLU talked with WJTV about the issue.

Rankin County officials conducted a simulation of a traffic stop for WJTV’s Andrew Nomura.

Investigator Barry Vaughn encourages people to roll down the window so the officer can see you, turn off the stereo, and be very mindful of your hands.

“You want to keep your hands,” he said. “Hands is what kills. Keep them visible and on the steering wheel. Don’t dig around don’t be looking or looking for stuff in the vehicle until you’re told to do so.”

Even though officers stress cooperation during a stop, you still have rights.

Blake Feldman with the ACLU said you have the right to ask the officer if you are being detained, the right to film the police, a right to refuse consent of a search if asked, and a right to remain silent.

“Sometimes these rights depend on you knowing them and Invoking them yourself,” Feldman said.

Deputies agree, but still stress compliance within the law.

“You don’t have to speak to us, but you do have to identify yourself.”
“you do have to comply it’s state law. A failure to comply to a law enforcement officer, you can be ordered to be removed from the vehicle for our safety for your safety as well.”

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