Jackson woman starts small protest at State Capitol about recent shootings around the nation

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The morning after Dallas, a planned protest with a small turnout took place here in Jackson at the Capitol.

The woman who organized it took to the State Capitol steps to bring people together.

Albonie Hamlin stood with signs that read “We can’t fight divided, We must stand united.” She stood there alone for about an hour and then more people joined her. She’s a teacher at Jim Hill High school She also said she’s a mom to a 3-year-old little boy.

Hamlin says she is calling for unity and action of community members. Hamlin”s protest comes on the heels of the recent shootings around the country and last night’s protest in Dallas.
Two men were killed by police earlier this week. After a peaceful Dallas protest, violence broke out.

She said she is saddened by last night’s shootings against police officers in Dallas.

“Retaliation is wrong,” she said. “We have to fight in numbers with peace. Fighting in numbers is what I stand for. Coming together and standing united is what I stand for. If we come out here and we all carry guns and ready to just shoot, that’ll be a massacre.”

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