Pearl Prayer Vigil for Law Enforcement

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – People in Rankin County gathered to pray together for local law enforcement, after five police officers were killed in Texas Thursday night.

Local people have decided to lean on their faith to make sense of this tragic event, and show law enforcement how much they’re appreciated.

Dozens gathered at the Pearl City Park Friday evening for a prayer vigil.

“Last night just watching the footage of the shootings in Dallas it just really touched my heart and broke my heart and I just wanted to show our local officers that we care about them, that we back them up. We just wanted to pray for them and show love for them, and that we are here for them. We appreciate what they do 100 percent,” said Katie McCann, vigil organizer.

Members of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department stood in the front of a group of people as they prayed for their safety while they serve their community.

“It had a huge impact on me. Number one, just knowing that the people of Rankin County really care about their officers. Number two, it makes me look back inside myself. Last night, and this morning I was angry. You see so many negative comments toward police and towards law enforcement, and it’s upsetting. I let the human part get to me, but God is in control, and that’s the only way our nation is going to come back together and that’s through the love of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful that we have people like this in Rankin County that put this together. It sure changed my outlook, changed my attitude, and I just pray for healing, and I pray for peace. Not just for Rankin County, but for the whole nation,” said Bryan Bailey, Rankin County Sheriff.

“For the families, I know it’s hard letting your loved ones leave and protect us, but we appreciate it. We appreciate it so much,” McCann said.



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