Rankin County house fire investigation, neighbors blame bad weather

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A Rankin County home goes up in flames in a normally quiet neighborhood, now investigators  are looking into what ignited this spark.

According to neighbors, the family made it out just in time. Now the community is commending the Reservoir Fire Department. They say they fought this blaze like a well-oiled machine.

A neighbor who lives across the street says she witnessed the home on Lancaster Court burn right before her eyes. Two cars still sit inside the home’s garage with significant damage. This is the area where witnesses believe the fire started.

Before things got out of hand, the Reservoir Fire department was on the scene.

“Everybody was out last night. Everybody kind of heard something happening, and of course the fire engine showed up,” said one witness.

Friday evening, Chief Scott Berry of the Reservoir Fire department, told WJTV the scene had not cooled off enough for investigators to find the cause. Neighbors believe Thursday night’s storms sent lightning strikes darting to this home.

For now, the community plans to pitch in to help in any way they can.

“In this neighborhood, we’ve always watched out for each other and just keep an eye out for each other. It’s a good neighborhood to be in, and just the support with people stopping and saying ‘hey are you all okay’,” a neighbor said. “I think everybody’s first question was is everybody out of the house. Then, after that, oh my goodness, how can we help.”

The family says they believe their home is a total loss, but they are glad they walked away without any injuries.



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