Leak on Wynndale Lake Road concerns Jackson’s residents about their health

TERRY, Miss. (WJTV) – Neighbors who live on a street in Hinds County, are complaining about a pesky water leak.

Bob Sheppard has lived on Wynndale Lake Rd. for 40 years, and says he is upset about a water leak that constantly flows in his neighborhood. And he wants someone to fix it.

“The water just runs and runs,” said Sheppard.

Neighbor Kristi Harrison is concerned for her child’s health.

“My child has had a lot of health problems because of all of the moisture. He can’t come out here falling in mud holes,” said Harrison.

Sheppard also is complaining about crater sized pot holes and the dangers of driving over a narrow culvert.

“Someone coming around here at night they are going to fall in to the lake,” said Sheppard.

We’re told the water line belongs to the City of Jackson and the Culvert belongs to Hinds County. Charles Sims with the Hinds County Public Works, tells WJTV the leak is a pain because the water is washing away the gravel that’s over culvert. It forces the county to come by almost every week to lay more gravel down. He said crews will patch the potholes and will be back out tomorrow to replace the gravel once again.

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