Church plants community garden in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Some West Jackson neighborhoods are considered food deserts.

A food desert is an area where there aren’t that many fresh food choices nearby. There is one community that’s pushing to change that.

The Rosemont Community Garden is a place where fresh fruit and veggies grow.

Pastor Johnny Addison with Rosemont Missionary Baptist Church said there are about 20 plots filled with produce inside the garden.

“Each family would have a plot and allowed to grow anything within this harvest season.”

A local farmer in the area, Cindy Ayers, helps people in the garden grow their fruit and veggies.

“The closest store is about four to six miles away, that would have fresh vegetables,” Ayers said. “But we have no major transportation for getting there. You can’t walk there.”

“Access to healthier foods helps us health wise,” Ayers said. “To help combat diseases that we have that’s plague our community- especially with hypertension, high blood, pressure and diabetes.”

Church members have been in contact with city leaders, hoping that they can bring in some help.

Pastor Addison said the church is looking to expand the garden so more members of the community can enjoy fresh produce.

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