Friend mourns death of Rankin County woman; 2 questioned by authorities

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Shelia Weaver holds back tears as she comes to grips with the idea of never seeing one of her closest friends ever again.

“My mother and her mother were best friends,” she said. “I mean, we grew up together. I was at her first birthday party. We have been friends our whole lives.”

Kimberly Schraeder’s body was found Wednesday evening. A neighbor spotted a water leak outside of her Floyd Street home and decided to do a wellness check.

“It was an absolute shock,” she said. “My family wouldn’t even let me out of the house because they were scared something would happen to me before the time I got there from here. I don’t know what good I can do, I mean she was a great person she stayed to herself. I just don’t know why anybody would do this to her.”

Investigators said Schraeder died from a traumatic head injury. Police have reason to believe robbery may have played a factor in the death.

Two people were taken in for questioning, but no charges have been filed so far.


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