Florence Police’s good deed inspires young child

FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – In this time of turmoil between police and the African American community across the country, one good deed in Florence is having a huge impact on a child.

“There are a lot of good people in this world, and there are a lot of bad people in this world. There are a lot of good police officers, and there are a lot of bad police officers. I feel like the good police officers need to be getting more exposure and more media presence than the bad police officers,” said Phillip McKee who assisted Florence Police with a stranded motorist.

Friday afternoon, Phillip and Jazzmine McKee spotted Florence police helping a motorist who had run out of gas.

“We turned around, I pulled into a driveway, I parked and I ran to help him. We helped him get into a side street to get him off the road to clear the road out,” McKee explained.

Riding along with his parents was seven-year-old, Kobran McKee. Both parents were glad their son had the chance to witness the act of kindness from law enforcement.

“I was just thankful to see quite frankly, two races coming together and working for the better good of one of them, and it was encouraging,” said Jazzmine McKee, Phillip’s wife.

Kobran grabbed his phone and recorded video of what he saw.

“I’m in Florence, this is Kobran, and they had a car break down trying to help another car,” Kobran explained while recording.

It happened on a two-lane road. The couple tells WJTV, the most beautiful part of this good deed is the impact it had on their young son.

WJTV asked Kobran how this inspired him.

“Because when he said it, the preacher said that racism ended at Calvary. I saw it then and there, and that it truly happened in front of me,” Kobran said. “That’s what inspired me.”

The McKee family sends a special thank you to the Florence Police Department for their good deed.

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