Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announces Sen. Tim Kaine as VP pick

Former Virginia Senator served as DNC Chair and Governor of Virginia

Democratic Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine July 14, 2016 Photo Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

The suspense is over for Democrats, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced her pick for Vice President.

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia has been selected to be Clinton’s running mate.

Kaine, the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, served as Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010 before being elected to the United States Senate in 2012.

Raised Catholic, Kaine worked with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras while in college.  He graduated with a law degree from Harvard University in 1983.

Timothy Michael “Tim” Kaine is 58 years old.  He is married to Virginia Education Secretary Anne Bright Holton.  The couple has three children.

Then -Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton (File Photo) Photo Credit: Bob Brown,pool photo/AP Photo
Then -Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton (File Photo) Photo Credit: Bob Brown,pool photo/AP Photo

In a recent poll conducted by CNBC, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – who was also said to be on Clinton’s “short list” of potential running mates, narrowly edged out Kaine in June.

On Thursday Warren appeared on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and put some of the rumors that she was Clinton’s pick aside.  When asked Warren said that if she were the VP pick she would know about, and implied that since she had not heard that she was the one, they would assume she was not.  Despite that, Colbert replaced the letter “I” in “VIP” on her dressing room door, making, “V P.”  Video of that is below:

Warren’s interview segments with Colbert are below:

Senator Kaine was interview three weeks ago by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  That interview is below:


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