Mississippi makes emergency plans ahead of potential natural disasters

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi has been impacted by more hurricanes and tropical storms in August and September than any other months.

Wednesday, Governor Bryant held a press conference to address how prepared the state is for a natural disaster.

The last hurricane to hit Mississippi was four years ago, which was Hurricane Isaac in 2012. The conference was to prepare agencies in case Mother Nature strikes again. State officials say they are well prepared in case that happens.

“Unfortunately the state of Mississippi is better prepared than most states for hurricane season because we have experienced them,” said Phil Bryant, Mississippi’s Governor.

It was a message from Governor Bryant and state agencies that highlighted the importance of preparing ahead of time so that you and your family can stay safe.

“Now this tabletop exercise today will include all of those agencies that have responsibilities for immediate response in the event of a hurricane or other disaster that may take place,” said Governor Bryant.

During Wednesday’s exercise, agencies like MEMA, FEMA, The Mississippi Highway Patrol, and military personal discussed worst case scenarios during a natural disaster.

“Unfortunately, there is a weather system on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Governor Bryant added.

State agencies have provided sandbags for those living along the shore just in case the system moves closer to land.

MEMA Director, Colonel Lee Smithson shared a few tips for you to keep in mind.

“For our people on the coast, know your evacuation routes. If you have pets, know what to do with your pets. Keep copies of your individual records to include your mortgages, insurance paper work birth certificates and other critical paper work,” said Colonel Smithson. “Everyone needs to be prepared to be self-sustaining for 72 hours.”

MEMA officials say a disaster kit is essential in cases like these. If you do not know what to get to prepare for a natural disaster, visit http://www.msema.org for a preparedness kit.

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