Search for indicted murder suspect who was released from prison continues

Photo Credit: Jackson Police

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Police are still looking for a murder suspect released from prison. He’s now wanted for armed robbery in a separate investigation.

Authorities are reminding the public to keep an eye out for 24-year-old Darion Givens. He’s accused of robbing a 16-year-old boy at gunpoint on Monday.

He’s also facing a capital murder charge from 2015. Police said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

“This individual is the classic example of what’s wrong with the criminal justice system in Hinds County,” Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance said. “The citizens of this county deserve better than to be constantly exposed to the risk of having individuals like this running around free when we have arrested him for serious crimes is where he is accused to be there robbing and or killing people.”

Authorities said that the murder from 2015 was a violation of his probation from a break-in from a few years ago.

Jackson police Chief Lee Vance is feeling like a broken record this week. After catching and handing an accused killer over to the court system, once again, they are trying to find him again and get him behind bars.

“The records will show that we have arrested this individual numerous times. We have made solid cases against him for capital crimes, i.e. murder, i.e. armed robbery, and somehow he has slipped through the fingers of the system and is out right now,” Chief Vance said.

By state law, violation of probation, in this case, means that an inmate has to be handed over to the Department of Corrections. After serving 90 days there, he was released.

Anyone who sees Givens, contact authorities.


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