Business owner: City submits petition for temporary restraining order on Fondren Garage

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson business owner said he’s here to stay after a break-in and a run-in with the city.

The owner of Fondren Garage contacted WJTV saying that last night, he was given an injunction by the city. The document states that the city wanted the courts to temporarily keep the business from operating.

It went on to say that there would be an evaluation making sure the business was in line with zoning ordinances.

After those issues, the owner said someone kicked in the doors Thursday night. He said money was taken.

“They gave us 30 minutes warning to be in the courtroom for a temporary restraining order,” said Chip Matthews, the owner, “Of which of course we beat the temporary restraining order. and agreed in a comprise to come in and inspect the building again.”

The city says Fondren Garage doesn’t have the correct paperwork to operate. Matthews said that’s not true. He said some want the business to close because of complaints from homeowners nearby.

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