Heavy rainfall claims several roadways and homes across Mississippi

PIKE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Southwest Mississippi towns have been hit hard by pounding rainfall and overflowing rivers. Things are calm now, but another round of flash flooding could hit our state this weekend. Counties across the state have been left underwater leaving many families to wait for rescues.

The rescues started early this morning. Many people were trapped in their cars. Others thought they would be safe inside their homes, but the raging waters proved otherwise.

Pike and Amite Counties are two of many that saw heavy downpour Friday. Many people living in these areas had to evacuate their homes.

Roads in Pike County crumbled away as the water rushed in causing the area between Highway 48 and Osyka Progress Road to close.

Many drivers tried to beat the high waters by driving through flooded areas. Some were successful, but others were not.

Authorities in Pike County were called out to rescue people from their cars, and it was the same scenario in Amite County as well.

Numerous roads were closed. Boat teams from McComb were sent out to help flood victims.

Water was knee-deep in places in Crosby, and many homes were left flooded.

There is a good chance we will see more rain this weekend so remember, “Turn around, Don’t drown”.

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