Military medical units give free health services to community

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) — People in Natchez got a chance to get free health services and screenings on the campus of Alcorn State University-Natchez Campus.

It’s a part of Tricentennial Wellness.

Brittney Lindberg of Delta Regional Authority, said medical units from part of the military are required to have medical training each year.

She stated that they go to at-risk communities and give medical services like optometry, dental, mental health, and other things for free.HEALTH FAIR 2

Patients do not have to have insurance.

“You just show up,” said Lindberg. “If the President of the United States would have walked in we would treat him the same.”

“I’m 53 and I might be losing some eye sight,” Issac Minor said. He went there to receive services.

“I have no insurance, health care, don’t have a job,” he said. “You go to the doctor you are going to have a bill.”

“It’s a beautiful program where the military meets there needs and the community get their needs met,” Lindberg said.

There is one more opportunity for people to get free services. The last day for Tricentennial Wellness is Saturday, August 13. It will be held at Alcorn State University at the Natchez Campus at 8 a.m.

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