Governor Declares State of Emergency for Southwest Mississippi Counties

WILKINSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Governor Phil Bryant has issued a State of Emergency for parts of Southwest Mississippi.

Severe flooding has caused some people to evacuate and multiple road closures.

In Wilkinson County, many people from the small town of Crosby were pushed out of their homes.

Nearly 60 people from the town of only about 360 were displaced on Friday.

“Water was all inside my apartment. I open the door and it just came rushing out,” said Stephanie White.

“Everybody went outside and the waves were just pushing and pushing,” Said Earlisha Sims.

Buses came to help get people to safety.

Now, those people and their mayor are being sheltered at an Adams County safe room in Natchez.

He says flooding isn’t unique to his community, but this is the worst he has seen in a while.

“Our problem in Crosby is that we’re surrounded by two creeks. And when those creeks overflow, their banks will get too much water…The water comes into the streets. That’s been a problem since I was a kid,” said Mayor William Hall.

Mayor Hall wants to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

He says the town has applied for a grant that will hopefully help fix their drainage problem.

For now, the close group of displaced neighbors will stay in Adams County until it is safe to return home.


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