Flood victims in southern counties can get flood insurance

CROSBY, Miss. (WJTV) – Many people in Southwest Mississippi are left to rebuild for themselves, because many do not have flood insurance.

Cleveland Owens’ home was damaged after floodwaters swept the area.

He will now have to find a way to rebuild his home because he doesn’t have flood insurance.

“I got insurance, but not flood insurance,” explained Owens. “They say it’s a non-flood zone down on this end. You can’t afford it on a fixed income a month.”

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said a flood zone is considered to be an area that floods once every 100 years or so; this rain event has been described as a thousand year rain, flooding areas that wouldn’t normally flood.

For people who live in areas that are not considered a flood zone, Chaney said you should check a few things before going without it.

“If you don’t live in a flood zone that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need flood insurance,” said Chaney. “If you’re in an area that is subjected to having water accumulate or backed up dams or creeks you better consider flood insurance.”

Chaney said private insurance could be expensive, and the National Flood Insurance Program may be a cheaper outlet.

First, county supervisors would have to ask the federal government for permission to be part of the program.

If a part of the program and a natural disaster occurs, you will be covered.

For more information on flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program, please click here.


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