Jackson man recounts being surrounded by flood water in Louisiana

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As a neighboring state, many Mississippians are traveling to Louisiana to help the thousands affected by the flooding.

One Jackson man, who made the trip to Louisiana to help his family prepare for the storm, almost didn’t make it back.

On Friday, August 12, 2016, Kent Crotwell drove to Southern Louisiana to help his elderly parents prepare for the storm heading their way.

After moving most of their belongings to the second floor, the rising water forced them to evacuate and head to his sister’s home nearby.

“The river reached where my parents were and it was almost like the wake behind a boat,” said Crotwell.

After making sure his parents were settled in on Saturday, Crotwell decided to head up Interstate 12 back home to Mississippi but he didn’t make it far when traffic came to a halt.

“On my side, the east bound side, water is flowing across it on the other side. There are places where the water is five, six feet deep and it’s actually starting to top this concrete barrier,” said Crotwell. “As the evening turned to night, the night was pretty long because at this point the water is just, one car ahead of me the water was just going across the interstate and it’s like white water rapids.”

They waited, and waited, and waited for 27 hours.

“Just imagine being on that interstate and looking as far as you can see either way … water,” said Crotwell.

“It was a feeling of survival. Keeping everybody alive,” said Crotwell.

On Sunday afternoon, the “Cajun Navy” set sail to bring those stranded, food and water.

“In the long run they’re going to take care of their neighbor and that southern hospitality does come out in the worst situations,” said Crotwell.

He says his experience is just a minor inconvenience compared to what others are going through.

Crotwell says his parents and family are safe but they still have not been able to go back to their homes.

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