Jackson Metro residents gather donations to help flood victims

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippians are no strangers to recovering from a historic disaster and people in Jackson are working to make the recovery process a little easier.

Food, water, clothes, diapers, baby formula, toiletries are just some of the necessities thousands of flood victims are forced to live without.

“They’re desperately needing a lot right now.”

For Erin and Gerald Lebreton, the pain cuts a little deeper because just 11 years ago, they were run out of their home by Hurricane Katrina.

“We came up here to evacuate and people were just helping us and handing us things and it made everything seem a lot easier in the beginning,” said G. Lebreton.

And today the Lebretons are returning the favor; giving anything and everything they can because they know it’s all needed.

“When you have water over your roof and you come home, that’s everything, everything is done. Everything is gone,” said G. Lebreton.

For Emily Moore, it was a coworker’s story that made her want to help out.

“Facebook and social media a lot of times get a bad reputation but in times like this it’s just kind of connects everyone and we all can see the pictures and a lot of us have been through different things where somebody helped us,” said Moore.

Facebook brought together more than 6,000 people all over Jackson to send more than five truck loads down to Southern Mississippi.

“It’s been amazing feedback so many people have been trying to help.”



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