2 arrested in connection with robbery, shooting of Pike County store clerk

Left to Right: Patterson, Jennings

PIKE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) –Two teenagers are arrested in connection with an armed robbery that happened in July.

Authorities have issued a warrant for a third person who they believe is also connected to the robbery.

Pike County deputies said 18-year-old Mario Jennings and 17-year-old Keith Patterson are facing charges.

Deputies went to Hilltop Grocery on Highway 98 East on July 1. A clerk called and said he was shot outside the store. He told authorities that he was closing up and was walking to his car when a man approached him.

The robber held him and gunpoint and  demanded money. The victim gave him his wallet. The clerk noticed that the robber was getting ready to pull the trigger, so he took off running. The robber fired two shots, one of them hitting the clerk in the back. The bullet came out through his stomach.

The suspect left the scene.

Since then Jennings and Patterson have been arrested in connection with the crime. Deputies said warrants had been issued for a third suspect.

In addition, Jennings was arrested on August 22 with Da’Michael Baker in connection with a robbery that happened at the Dollar General on August 18.

WJTV will provide an update and this story continues to develop.

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