Supporters far and wide show up for Trump

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Trump rally at the Mississippi Coliseum has wrapped up.

WJTV spoke to people who came in support of Donald Trump and they say one thing in particular stood out the most, and that was Trump’s specific ideas on how he plans to make America great again.

Trump’s visit to the Capital City was met with more support than protest

“Trump all the way!”

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, civil rights leaders and pastors joined Trump for a private fundraiser at the convention center, each paying $1,000 to meet with the presidential nominee.

“I am a supporter of Trump, 100 percent,” said Charles Evers, the brother of Medgar Evers.

“I came down just to see and hear what he has to say and what he plans to do if he becomes president,” said Pastor Joe A. Washington of Old Stranger’s Home MB Church.

After the fundraiser, Trump headed toward the convention center for the rally where thousands of people awaited for the presidential hopeful.

WJTV caught up with people as they came out of the event

“He gave details. He stayed focused on each thing and didn’t wander off. It wasn’t as long of a wait for him to come out and it seems like the speech was about time you were really fired up and ready to go. It’s you know, alright thank you folks; appreciate your vote. See you next time, and off he went,” said Clark Herron.

“Just go vote, don’t feel defeated, and don’t feel like just because he is not the person in the Republican Party that you wanted to be elected. He is who we stand for now okay. And no matter what, we cannot have another eight years of liberalism going on,” said Trish Krog.


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