Trump delivers during campaign stop in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The presidential election is less than three months away.

And back here in Jackson, thousands came out to show their support for the Republican nominee  Donald Trump.

Mississippians wanted to hear about national security, job creation and protecting our borders and Republican nominee Donald Trump delivered.

“Our jobs have moved to other countries, Islamic terrorism has spread within our shores and an open border has crushed low income workers and threatened and I mean totally threatened our security,” said Trump.

Not only did he get support from Mississippi …

“I am for making America great again, I am for having borders. I am for bringing our jobs back,” said Trump.

But from Parliament member Nigel Farage, a leading influence in Britain’s break from the European Union, better known as Brexit.

“I was very supportive of their right to do it and their right to take control of their own future like exactly we’re going to be voting for on November 8th,”said Trump.

“If I was an American citizen. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me,” said Farage.

And while he’s had a tough time appealing to minorities, he made a push tonight to gain those votes.

“Democratic crime policies, economic policies has produced only more crime, more broken homes and more poverty than we ever had in those communities before,”” said trump.

And for voters like Samesa Hoskins, she’s paying attention.

“He wants all people’s votes. He did focus on the Hispanic and African American population which is good because that’s the vote he needs. But I’m glad he’s taking that time to approach that situation,” said Hoskins.

But still remains undecided on who has her vote.

“I’m still doing my investigations,” said Hoskins.

According to Mississippi Democrats, we’re told at this time Clinton doesn’t have a scheduled trip to the Magnolia State but will be sending surrogates in her place.



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