Richland High School Locker Room Burglarized

JACKSON, Miss. – Imagine winning on your home field only to find that you’ve lost your valuables that were supposed to be safe. The Richland High school football team now knows that feeling.

Police say thousands of dollars of belongings were taken from the team as they played their first home game, and police are calling it a crime of opportunity.

It was a 52-29 win over Pelahatchie at home that was quickly overshadowed by a startling discovery.

“Half of us wasn’t even in the locker room yet and people were running out talking about our stuff is gone, our phones, I checked everybody’s locker everybody’s phone is gone,” one player who asked not to be identified explained.

Richland police tell us around 10 o’clock Friday night, someone walked into the Ranger’s locker room stealing personal items.

“It’s sad, we had somebody in tears because his pair of shoes were about $300, they stole from him and his mom worked hard for them,” the player said.

We weren’t given access inside the locker room because it is still under investigation, his mother says for her this is very unsettling.

“I was one child, his items actually were locked up, but the thieves were able to obtain entrance to a locked locker,” the mother said.

Richland police Chief Russel James says, the door was unlocked and unattended at the time. The thieves were able to make off with more than 1,000 dollars in cash, 26 cell phones, 9 wallets, 7 pairs of shoes, and one tablet.

“It was a cowardly act, get out work for your own — you shouldn’t take from minors there’s no excuse for it,” the mother said.

At this time investigators are following leads to track down who burglarized the locker room.

This mother says right now there is no plan for the belongs to be replaced, but prevention is the focus.

“Our booster club was talking about we packing all our stuff in a bag and we putting it in the press box, there’s always going to be somebody in the press box it would be safe up there,” the player told us.

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