Murder suspect in court for Carolyn Temple’s murder completes first day of trial

ACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The trial for the man accused of killing Carolyn Temple began Tuesday morning.

Gerome Moore is on trial for Temple’s murder.

The state says that Moore and others concocted a plan to rob someone in North Jackson and followed Temple to her friend’s home, where they shot her in the driveway.

Moore was interrogated by the Jackson Police Department after the shooting and that was what the trial concentrated on for the bulk of the afternoon.

Jurors watched video of the interrogation.

The defense questioned the way detectives interviewed Moore, saying Moore might have felt threatened with a detective’s hand on his shoulder.

The defense also pressured a JPD investigator about coercion; asking why that detective continued to ask questions of Moore until they seemingly got the answer they want.

Defense: He was not free to leave?

Jermaine Magee, a JPD Investigator/Witness: True

Defense: Did he ever ask you if he could get up? Did he ever ask you not to touch him? He’s a kid in shackles in the police being questioned. He couldn’t get up. He couldn’t do that could he?

Investigator Magee: He was able to use the restroom and I asked him.

Others that testified include a neighbor who saw two men leave the scene after the shooting and a female jogger who later found Temple’s purse along a roadway.

Trial will resume Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.



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