Parents rally for decision to vaccinate their children

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Parents who want to be able to make the decision to not vaccine their kids had some support on the capitol steps.

Filmmakers of the movie Vaxxed are in the Capital City to rally with parents for vaccine rights.

Anti-vaccine supporters say there have been families who took their healthy child in for routine vaccines and came out with a child who had a disability, like autism.

WJTV spoke to the Co-Director of Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights about the organization that travels around and shows the movie Vaxxed.

“The Vaxxed bus, as you’ve seen, is traveling around the country and collecting stories about vaccine injury and they’re having families of these children sign their names on this bus. They haven’t been on tour very long and they already have 3,000 names,” said Mary Jo Perry, the Co-Director, MS Parents for Vaccine Rights

Perry says the Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights group has been working on legislation for four years to allow parents to decide whether to vaccine their child or not.

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