Trial of Carolyn Temple murder suspect Gerome Moore begins

File Photo of Gerome Moore in Court (Photo Credit: Margaret-Ann Carter, WJTV)

UPDATE: 09/13/2016 1:53pm After a lunch recess the murder trial of Gerome Moore has resumed.

WJTV’s Beth Alexander is in the courtroom.  She continues coverage began this morning by Margaret-Ann Carter.

Original Story:

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – The trial of one of the men accused in the death of a Jackson resident begins today.

Gerome Moore was arrested by the Jackson Police Department in January of 2015.  He stands accused of murder after Carolyn Temple was killed in her friend’s driveway.

WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter and following the trial in courtroom.  You can follow her live tweets by following @WJTV on Twitter.  The text of her tweets (updated) at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few of the highlights from this morning:

Gerome Moore is accused of killing temple in her friends driveway on January 7th 2015.  A neighbor was among the Witnesses who took the stand. He told the jury he heard a gunshot and saw two black men get into a car and drive off.

The first officer on scene also took the stand  this morning.  He says he spoke with the victim before she died– the victim told him two black men took her purse, shot her and drove off in a maroon Impala.

During cross examination the defense pointed out the maroon Impala was not mentioned in the police report.  In the state’s opening statement they claim temple was the victim of a planned robbery.  They say that Moore and others concocted a plan to rob someone and spotted temple making her their target.

The defense questioned the way detectives interviewed Moore saying his defendant might have felt threatened with a detective’s hand on his shoulder.  The fifth witness to take the stand says she found the victims purse while out jogging.


[NOTE: The most current Tweets appear at the top of the thread.]

4:53pm  Court has recessed until 9 a.m. Wednesday.

3:52pm   Two people are removed from the courtroom for laughing at a question from the defense.

2:22pm  The video shows Moore being asked during the interrogation how he sleeps at night. He answered fine and said he takes medication.

2:17pm  Moore and his attorney watch video of his interrogation.

2:12pm  Interrogators tell Moore “you look like a cold blooded monster.”

2:11pm  Interrogators tell Moore “it’s best to tell the truth and that he should “man up.”

2:08pm  The video is now working

1:49pm  Court is back in session.  Prosecutors are trying to show the jury video of Moore’s interrogations.  The video is not playing.

11:30am The Court is adjourning for lunch.  Seven witnesses have taken the stand thus far.  Court is expected to resume at approximately 1:00pm.

11:13am The witness says that she found identification inside the purse that directed her to Carolyn Temple; she then called police.

11:11am Court is back in session.  The State calls a fifth witness, a woman who says she found the stolen purse while out jogging.

10:51am The Court is taking a ten-minute break.

10:26am The defendant, Gerome Moore, and his lawyer sit listening to the state’s witness:

Photo Credit: Margaret-Ann Carter, WJTV
Photo Credit: Margaret-Ann Carter, WJTV

10:22am The fourth witness called to the stand is a detective in the murder case of Carolyn Temple.

9:52am  A Jackson investigator is on the stand now.

9:42am  On the stand now an officer says that before the victim died she told him two black males took her purse and shot her in the stomach.

9:39am On the stand the first officer at the scene says he saw the victim laying on her back holding her stomach with a gunshot wound.

9:37am The State has called its second witness, a Jackson Police officer.

9:32am The first witness says he heard a gunshot and saw two men get into a car and take off.  He then ran to (Carolyn) Temple who had blood on her.

9:30am The state says Carolyn Temple was targeted after a group of individuals (including Moore) decided to rob someone on Jan 7th 2015.

9:26am The state is calling its first witness.

9:22am Opening statements begin in the case.

8:53am Gerome Moore enters the courtroom and sits with his head down.




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