Hair Theft Caught on Surveillance Video in Jackson


JACKSON,MS (WJTV)- A thief is caught red handed stealing hair from a beauty shop.

The crime happened Tuesday at the Beauty Star and More beauty supply shop on Medgar Evers Blvd.

According to surveillance video, a woman is seen stuffing bags of hair into her purse. A store clerk sees what she is doing on camera and goes to confront her.

The woman then tries to run away, but the clerk manages to stop her, holding her by the collar of her shirt.

A customer jumps in and helps and pulls the woman back in the store and called the police.

An employee says if other crooks attempt to steal from the store, that there are cameras all over the beauty store.

“We are here 24/7 watching the cameras,” said Khaled Banifadel. “ We can see every single thing. We have over 50 cameras watching and recording. We are not going to let anybody do us like that.”

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