Power outage, fight breaks out at Forest Hill High School

(Photo: WJTV)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Forest Hill High School parents are upset after a fight broke out at the school on Thursday.

Jackson Public Schools and Media Relations Director Sherwin Johnson said the power went out at the school this morning. He said someone from the school called 911 and officers along with first responders went to the school.

He said around the same time, a fight broke out in the cafeteria.

Several parents went to the school after they heard about the fight to pick up their children. One parent on the scene told WJTV that she was inside when the fight started. She also said that students started fighting when all the lights went out.

Johnson said  the altercation was quickly dispersed. We’re told that the students got to fighting about a dispute that happened over the weekend.

School was not dismissed early because of the fight. We’re also told that buses are running at their normal times.  Johnson said parents of the school were notified by the District’s phone messaging system of the emergency.

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