Jackson man was just blocks away from East Coast explosions

JACKSON, Miss. – An exciting getaway for a Jackson man turned into terror when he learned explosive devices were just feet away from him.

“This was the worst experience I ever had, you know I love to go on vacation but this is one of the worst vacations I ever had in my life,” Edward Wilson said.

Wilson is from Jackson he traveled to New York for the first time for a football game but shortly after he arrived his trip took a scary turn.

“We heard like a loud cannon going off,” he said.

Wilson says he was just three blocks away from the bomb that exploded in Chelsea New York. It was the second bomb that went off on the east coast during trip.

“The first thing that went through my mind is, I ain’t going to never see my kids again, because all these bombs keep going off while I’m down here and everything just keep happening so close.”

Officials say several bombs were planted throughout New York and New Jersey. Wilson says when he learned of yet another bomb he was ready to return to Mississippi.

“My hotel is in Elizabeth, found out not a mile away from my hotel it was another bomb,” Wilson said.

Wilson says his excitement for the game he made the trip for was overshadowed by acts of terror.

“I was excited about the New York Giants game, you know. Then the very next thing I know the Giants game was the next morning so still crossed my mind that everyone is going to be in this stadium and another bomb is going to go off,” Wilson explained.

Right now the explosions are still under investigation.

“It’s going to be a long time before I come back to New York, I love the New York Giants, but I love my family more.”

Wilson says he noticed increased airport security, and at this time he has no plans on returning to the east coast anytime soon.

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