Man accused of attempted rape released from jail on bond

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A family wants to move their mom to a new neighborhood after the man accused of trying to sexually assault her has been released from jail on bond.

Police arrested Joshua Young and charged him with burglary of an occupied dwelling and attempted rape. He’s accused of kicking in the door of a Holland Avenue home and trying to rape the 67-year-old victim.

Young also lives on Holland Avenue, not far from the victim.

WJTV talked to the victim’s son and said the situation has been tough for the entire family. He wants his mom to move.

“I’d do pretty much anything for my mom,” said the victim’s son, Tony Miller. “To see someone do something like that to someone’s mother, it hurts.”

Before the incident happened, Young would take out her trash and cut her yard.

“Someone close to family like that, to even think of such a thing to do to my mother, it hurts,” Miller said.

WJTV talked to police about Young bonding out.

“You are innocent until proven guilty,:” said Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones. “Sometimes you are entitled to a bond. That is part of the justice system. It is part of the laws of America, but again, that does not hinder the work that we do, as far as putting information and evidence together to bring someone to justice.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family has they try to relocate the victim. She has lived in that neighborhood for almost 30 years but now refuses to go back.

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