UMMC announces name for new school of population health

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The University of Mississippi Medical Center announced the name for the new school of population health.

The school has been named The John D. Bower School of Population Health.

“Population health resides at the intersection of clinical care and public health,” said Dr. Bettina Beech, dean of the school. “It is an emerging field that seeks to prevent and treat diseases by keeping people healthy and by addressing the multiple factors that impact the health of individuals and communities.”

The school was approved by the state Institutions of Higher Learning in April. It will be the seventh represented at the Medical Center campus and only the third of its kind in the United States.

Dr. John Bower is a UMMC professor emeritus of medicine. In 1966, he established Mississippi’s first kidney dialysis unit at the Medical Center.

Bower’s 1972 U.S. Congressional testimony influenced the decision to allow Medicare coverage for end-stage renal disease patients. His non-profit corporation, Kidney Care, Inc., opened dialysis clinics in 22 Mississippi cities.

“Dr. Bower built a network of health care by providing high-quality, coordinated care with a team approach,” said Dr. Ralph Didlake, UMMC associate vice chancellor for academic affairs. “He based the system on data, metrics, best practices and patient outcomes. He was ahead of the game in terms of what population health can do as a delivery model for health care.”

Classes will start in fall 2017.


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