Jackson city council votes to take out $16M loan to help fund payroll

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson is trying to make ends meet despite a budget shortfall.

In Tuesday’s council meeting, WJTV learned that officials had to take out a loan to make sure workers will keep getting their paychecks.

Residents came to the meeting to tell city leaders that they want them to save the Grove Park Golf Course, Golden Key Center, and the Fannie Lou Hamer Library. They also want the city to keep funding the Greater Jackson Arts Council.

Mayor Yarber suggested that the council rescind the amendments to the 2016-2017 budget in hopes to save the golf course and restructure the City Clerk’s Office.

The council voted to take out a $16 million loan for them to meet payroll in November. Councilman Tyrone Hendrix said this is the first time that the city has ever had to do this.
” The city’s budget is really in a dire position,” he said.

Councilman Melvin Priester said they would do all they can, but they still have to face reality.

“We will consider everything we will try and find ways to make Grove Park save, find funding for the Greater Jackson Arts Council, but what we won’t do is and what we can’t do is spend money we don’t have. “

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