Jackson Police Investigating Obscene Social Media Post

JACKSON, Miss. – Tonight a social media post is at the center of an internal investigation for Jackson Police.

Obscene comments in reference to President Obama caught on video.

The woman responsible is a Jackson Police officer.

The 24 second video was posted to Snapchat.

“It’s a social media post; obviously it was made by one of our officers you could clearly see the officer was in a J.P.D. uniform,” Jackson Police Chief, Lee Vance said.

Explicit language caught on video is now at the center of an internal investigation by J.P.D.

“It’s very disrespectful for our president, some of the language that was used is certainly not consistent with how we want our police department represented,” Vance said.

Chief Vance says he learned of the post Tuesday morning, and was not pleased. He said the video does not reflect the professional conduct expected of his officers especially while on duty.

“Every now and then, you get one or two that does not understand that they have to conform with our policies and procedures,” he explained.

J.P.D does have a social media policy but we are told every violation is looked at on a case by case basis to determine the to be taken.

“We are dealing with it as a personnel matter, and we will conduct an investigation,”

Right now the officer is not being identified. Chief Vance tells me he plans to deal with the officer taking into account her work history, disciplinary file, and number of violations, if any.

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